• Image of THE DANGTRIPPERS ~ Days Between Stations
  • Image of THE DANGTRIPPERS ~ Days Between Stations

Finally a reissue of this brilliant lost album from 1988. Formed in Iowa in 1987, the band released a couple of singles and then finally this masterpiece of Byrdsian guitar jangle.

Zero Hour has put together the complete 13 track album along with another 9 bonus cuts which includes the singles and rare demos.

Trouser Press Review: Byrdsy Midwest power-pop bands are a dime a dozen, but when the occasional one with that special something (could it be...talent?) comes along, it makes up for all the uninspired strivers. This unassuming rock-pop quartet from Iowa City, Iowa doesn't do anything out of the ordinary on Days Between Stations, but the consistently fine songs and the able-bodied performances make it an eminent delight. Tunes? Strong and memorable. Harmonies? Alluring and modestly employed. Lyrics? Simple but not simpleminded. Playing? Guitars weave in and around each other over a sturdy rhythm section. Just wonderful. [Ira Robbins]


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